UC Browser Apk Download For Android Mobile – Latest Version!

UC Browser Download: Browsers are one of the most significant pieces of software in our smart phones and we have a lot of options to choose from. A good browser gives us an amazing browsing and surfing experience while not sucking a lot of data in return. Also the speed and performance of the browser matters as it lets you browse more with convenience. UC browser is one of the best browsers you can get for your smart phone, with hordes of useful features and configurations you get the finest browsing experience. It gives you a lag free experience better than any other browser you must have used. You can get the UC Browser free on your smart phone from the respective app store of your phone. It is available for android, iOS, Windows as well as other phone operators as well.

UC Browser Download For Android Apk – Latest Version!



Before downloading, let’s check out the features of the UC browser so you know exactly what you are getting. It is free of cost to download so you get it by paying nothing. I also like playing  sometimes using UC Browser.

Here are the best features of UC browser:

  • In-app widgets

This is one of the best features of UC browser where it allows the user to access content on a new homepage which is completely customization. The in app widgets are also known as cards which display all the widgets on the home screen. They can also be manually sorted as the way you like. With this feature you can only enable the one you like and keep the rest of them disabled. You can rearrange them according to your preferences. These in app widgets are extremely handy and useful.

  • Cloud boost technology

With this cutting edge cloud boost technology experience through UC Web’s servers, users will now be able to get faster loading times on the websites they visit. The user has the option to enable it for either mobile or Wi-Fi network but the feature works great for mobile networks. This is a feature that works best on slow networks. If your mobile network is slow you get to reap its benefits. Even if your Wi-Fi is slow, this feature shall help you a lot.

  • Download manager

Another great usage of browsers is for downloading and UC browser has a built-in download manager which helps you in keeping your entire download organized. With this download manager, you can simultaneously download many files together. You also get the ability to pause or stop any downloads which gives you better control of all your current downloads.

  • Customization

You must not have heard about any browser being customizable but UC browser definitely is. With a range of customizations on the hood, you can make it the way you like. In the default version you get only two themes but additionally you can get many more themes online which you can download. If you don’t like the default or the pre-existing themes, you can make your own customizable themes by adding your own photos.

  • Night mode

This is one of the coolest features of the UC browser as we browse a lot during night times and want a theme that makes the experience better. When you turn on the night mode in the UC browser, the browser completely changes the entire look of the web pages you visit and also the main interface of the app. The white light changes to black light which makes it easier for you to look for a longer period of time.If you are using pof free dating app then night mode is must for you.

  • Ad blocker

We all know how irritating ads are throughout the internet, now you can get rid of them by turning this simple feature on in your UC browser. With the Ad blocker on, it doesn’t load any known ads on the sites you visit. You can take a look at the statistics and the numbers of how many ads have been blocked in your browser viewing experience. If you would like you can also reset the statistics and begin anew.

  • Quick Access

Quick access is one of the most useful features among the lot. There are many sites we visit frequently and want them to access quickly. This is exactly what the feature quick access does for us. This feature lets you have a constant search bar which is helpful for quick searches. Also, it gives you a direct option to update your Facebook status or check out the news feed at a glance.

  • Gestures

Gestures are another cool feature in the UC browser where you can do actions by making gestures that you have already assigned. It makes the browsing experience fast and more accessible than just tapping and swiping. Videos inside the browser also support the gestures which is really impressive. Many controls are just made simpler and more intuitive by these gestures.

  • Text only mode

Sometimes a webpage can contain a lot of unnecessary images that you don’t need to see. You can enable the text-only mode that shows you only the text. This feature also saves your data as well as the loading times are drastically reduced. The text-only mode is perfect if you need to read articles online. This feature only works when you have the mobile data enabled.

  • Add ons and speed mode

With UC browser, you get several add ons which can bring in a lot more features to the browser. The speed mode is exactly like what its name suggests. It speeds up all the pages you visit and consumes significantly very less data. It also has a desktop mode which will give you the complete desktop experience on your phone. The add ons let you do so much more through your browser.

These are some of the useful features of the UC browser and you can get the best free UC browser download on your smart phone to enjoy all the mentioned features to the fullest. No other browser gives you as many features as UC browser gives and for the best browsing experience, you must definitely choose the UC browser.

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