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UC Browser for iOS, iPhone & iPad Download – How To

UC Browser for iOS: UC Browser is one of the best Browsers out there for our Smartphones. It is the best alternative for your Phone’s default Browser. The interface is very simple on UC Browser yet it is very Advanced just like other Advance Browsers. You will definitely have a great browsing experience on UC Browser. It is equipped with the function too for Gesturing. This function can be used for various functions like Gesturing on the screen to switch between tabs and Search for anything on the search  Bar with the Help of Voice Command.

UC Browser for iOS, iPhone & iPad Download – How ToUC Browser for iOS

UC Browser also has a feature of turning the Device into Night Mode where you can surf and Browse the Internet with a Minimal screen brightness so that it won’t effect you eyes much.

There are other browsers in the Market which are better like Firefox, Chrome & Safari etc. But UC browser is a very Light Browser and it is very Fast. With time and improvements UC browser will become the best.

UC Browser also Consume very less data. It saves around 85% of your Data. Also the Speed on this Browsing is very Flashy Fast.

You can also Upload your Files in the UC Cloud which is super safe just like your other Cloud Accounts. UC Browser provides this feature to avoid shortage in Phone Spaces etc.

UC Browser has also a Mini version. Which is a great mini Browser. This Mini Browser is just as good as UC Browser original.

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Why UC Browser for default Browser?

UC Browser is one of the Famous Browser in the Browsers market. UC Browser has been ruling over the Smartphones for decades now. It is still growing with its active users and two third shares in the Chinese Market. According to a site, UC Browser has over 100 millions active users daily. It is now one of the Most Popular Browser in the World. Its localization policy has catapulted it beyond its borders with spectacular growth, topping direct competitors like Opera Mini and becoming the most downloaded mobile browser in certain countries like Mexico.

Here are some of it’s Great Features

  1. UC Browser is really Fast

UC Browser is a really Fast Browser. When you will open it for the first time you will instantly notice it’s quick response. Also how fast the page loads. All this things happen due to its caching and pre loading System stored in the servers of UC Browser. The System speeds up the download recurring or Half Downloaded items. That’s not all, UC browser also speed up it’s transition speed to switch between pages with just one Swipe.

  1. Customizable

UC Browser is one of the most customizable Browser out there. You can Customize the Home Page with creating Bookmarks and Shortcuts using URLs. It also integrates Themes section for you in which you can customize according to your Mood. As per the Device Asthetics you can set the theme and Moda to the interface. Most Amazingly, You can also customize and apply these themes and Mods to the page you visit. You can change the Look of the pages. The pages can look totally different from their original Theme on this Browser.

  1. Great Features

There are a Lots of Features of UC Browser. There are practical features which are great. One of the feature of UC Browser’s Download Manager is to allowing you to Manage Multiple Downloads and Destination Folders. The items are also organized on Download sections  like the APKs, Videos and Music have a Separated menus regardless of where the items are located in the Phone. There is also a menu for Bookmarks, History and Add ons that can be Downloaded from Websites. There is also built in QR Code scanner, Ad Blocker and a tool to customize Screenshots.

  1. Light Version Quality is Available for Low Range Phones

In this Light Version the Data is compressed so that the speed of loading a webpage would be very fast. The size of Web page on UC Browser light Version is lighter as compare to the original Page. UC Browser Light Version can already run on Android 2.2 or above. This Light Version is created for Humble and Old Smartphone Devices.

UC Browser for iPhone

UC Browser is also available on iPhone you can get this app on App Store. iPhone has a pre-loaded Browser in it. Safari is the pre loaded browser on iPhone. But it does not have high speed on low network connection. That’s why you need an alternative browser that can load pages quickly like using Facebook. UC Browser is  fast, light and convenient.uc browser on iphone It is the best Alternative Browser you can get on your iPhone. UC Browser is a free browser that allows you to browse at high speed. It consume very less data. UC Browser has a technology to compress data that makes it consume a little data. The Proxy server makes it consume very less data to load a heavy Page. UC Browser has a size of around 11 MB which is less than other Browser at the same Features.

Require iOS 6.0 or Above

Steps to Download UC Browser on your iPhone

  1. Go to App store (if you have iOS 6.0 or Above)
  2. Search for UC Browser on the search Bar in App Store
  3. Look for UC Browser tap on it.
  4. Install UC Browser and begin the installation process.
  5. After completing the Installation Process go to the Home Page

    UC Browser for iOS

    UC Browser for iOS

  6. There you will find UC browser.


We all need fast internet speed and that’s not possible for every person. But we can have a fast browser so download the UC Browser now to get the full Advantages of it.

UC Browser For Laptop (Windows XP/7/8/10) – Free Download

UC Browser For Laptop: UC browser is an amazing browser which has got many features and different tools. It let a user to flexible use the entire features provided by them. Multiple tabs and new windows, such extra features are more to be attracted by the user. In this guide you will learn how to download UC Browser for PC and Laptop easily.

UC Browser For Laptop (Windows XP/7/8/10) – Free Download


Share your internet like Wi-Fi with your friend and family bit connecting their devices. Download any video or movie in very high speed and also stream them easily. It won’t allow any video to get buffer or to get stuck. It saves your history and other personal stuff securely. Use UC browser in your device to get the most flexible way of connecting to anyone.

The fastest growing uc browser is the best one to get n your device. The good news for the Windows users is that, they have got a developed version. With lot of Windows7 users using UC browser using an emulator, the company has developed for an official version for Windows 7. So enjoy the latest version in your dev ice without any external sifters. Enjoy surfing from your browser for free and let your device be secured from UN authorized sites.

UC Browser For Laptop Features:

UC browser is on the most leading internet browser now in the market. It has come with many interesting features which will be very useful for the users.

  • UC browser will be first to get the cricket updates
  • It allows you to share your internet like Wi-Fi
  • It has come with high download speed
  • UC browser also comes with UDisk which is a cloud storage service that allows you to store files on the cloud
  • Optimized preloading gives you a smoother reading of paged websites with next pages being preloaded
  • You can download videos and photos from the Facebook with high speed
  • You can upload videos on Facebook with full of convenience
  • The videos, photos and files which are downloaded that will be saved in your device

UC Browser For Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download

Here is the guide who will teach you how to download UC browser for your windows 7 PC / laptop. It is the best Application that has made many new changes in the Android platform. Due to well interface the UC browser officially developed it version of Windows 7. This version let you download the UC browser App in your device without use of any emulator.

Follow the below given process which will let you get this amazing Application in your Windows devices. Also this process is very simple and will not add any extra software emulator in your device.

  • First you have to connect your PC windows 7 with better internet connection
  • Now search for UC browser for Windows 7 in Google search engine
  • Then find the official link and click on to download
  • Or else use this direct Apk file link of UC browser for Windows 7
  • Download it and double click to install in your device

Also you should make sure save the downloaded file in your empty drive, which may further increase the memory and slow down the device. Thanks for reading this guide about how to download UC Browser for Windows 7 by following above procedure.

UC Browser For Kindle Fire Using Apk File Download – Latest Version!

UC Browser for Kindle Fire: UC Browser the greatest browser for mobile devices has came with many features to support surfing. It is found for free and will let you enjoy all its features for free. Use different tool like setting the image quality, downloading, setting the storage section and many such. UC has been the fastest browser App from the time it has came in mobile market. Due to little restoration once it was not allowed to be downloaded from play store but now the Android users can download for free.

UC Browser For Kindle Fire Using Apk File Download – Latest Version!


UC Browser is a fast, easy to use and built in with enormous extensions to protect privacy, provide accuracy , speed and much more indeed. You can customize your browser with the best of extensions. History, Download can be accessed directly from the menu option and are eloquent to control, deleting history is so simple indeed.

UC browser for KindleFire can be downloaded by following the offline process. For any mobile Smartphone, if the device is compatible of handling the UC browser then they can download it. Here we have got a different way of getting this amazing application in the device. This will be a new path for the mobile user to download the App in your device. So download UC browser for Kindle Fire mobile using the below given guide.

UC browser features:

UC browser is one the most popular browser available now in the market. It has many useful features which will be very beneficial to the users.

  • UC browser allows you to share Wi-Fi
  • You can download your files even after you exit from UC browser
  • It has come with UDisk which is a cloud storage service that allows you to store your files on the cloud
  • It have optimized preloading feature which allows smoother reading of paged websites with next page being preloaded
  • You can download photos from Facebook with high speed
  • You can also download videos from Facebook
  • It has come with high download speed general improvements like optimization of typing and Hindi support
  • The downloaded photos, videos and files you can save in your device
  • Recording and uploading of videos in a single step

Download UC Browser For Kindle Fire Using Apk File:

KindleFire mobile is among the series version is Amazon Kindle devices. It has got the Android OS platform on which the entire mobile OS runs. So to get the UC browser on Amazon KindleFire mobile we will be using the same process which we have taken for Android mobiles.

  • First we have to do some settings changes like does in Android mobiles
  • Find the Settings option from Application then Find Security option
  • Here Scroll down and tap on “Unknown sources” Install option to Turn On
  • This option will allow you to install any App without using play store
  • Now Download the UC browser Apk file from its official site
  • Save the downloaded file in SD card of the device
  • Find the downloaded Apk file and then double tap on it
  • Now click on Install button and the Agree with Terms& condition given below
  • Soon the App will start installing and will take few seconds
  • The App icon will be available in Apps menu and also on home screen

Finally we have downloaded the UC in your Kindle Fire device and it is ready to be get used. Connect with internet connection and start your browsing, surfing and other such stuff.

UC Browser For BlackBerry OS Download – Latest Update!

UC Browser For BlackBerry: UC Browser the fastest and well designed browser for mobile devices. Now we have got a browser app which is far better than another found in market. UC let you find the simplest and fastest way of surfing with multiple tabs. Open any no. of tabs and search engine as you desire. Based on your work and setting you can modify the view of UC browser. It save your recently visited sites on main screen and will also give an option to edit them. Till now it is the only browser for mobile blackberry device to download or stream any video fast.

UC Browser For BlackBerry OS Download – Latest Update!


Well BlackBerry OS has various browser applications but UC browser is still the best with such accuracy and speed indeed. So, let’s learn few steps to download UC Browser for BlackBerry OS and its devices.

Keeping your search engine, password is an important task which is easily done by UC. This App can be installed in Blackberry device by following the simple tutorial given below. Enjoy unlimited fun at low internet connection also; as it has few features which will make you stream easily at low speed.

Watch! How to Download UC Browser for BlackBerry OS

UC browser features:

UC browser is most popular web browser in the world. It has come with unique and interesting features, so let’s have a look on features.

  • It has very high download speed
  • Increased efficacy of network connection to double download speeds
  • You can download photos from Facebook
  • The download process will continue even after you close your UC browser
  • Wi-Fi sharing is also available
  • It creates seamless reading experience with the next page automatically loaded
  • You are allowed to change the browser skin from the UC theme center
  • UC browser comes with UDisk which is a cloud storage device which allows you to store files on the clouds.
  • It allows you to download videos from Facebook it works on the lite version of popular sites like Google, twitter Facebook and many more.

Download UC Browser For BlackBerry:

BlackBerry has same interface as of an Android mobile, so it will be bit easy to download the UC browser in this device. Download this amazing App in your device using its Apk file and following the below given process.

  • First of all you have to download the UC browser Apk file from this link
  • Else download the UC browser Apk from its official store
  • Then edit some settings in your device as shown below
  • Find Setting Option> Security> Enable or Turn On “Unknown Sources” option
  • This will let you install the third party Apk file in the device
  • After finishing the process you need to reset the settings done
  • Go to the SD card and find the downloaded Apk file of the App
  • Now Double click on it and then click on install button
  • Agree with the installation condition and proceed with the process
  • In few seconds the installation will competed and an icon will be added in Apps menu
  • Now you can use UC Browser by selecting the App icon from menu
  • Also an icon will be saved on home screen to select instantly

Enjoy streaming and surfing with this new UC Browser in your device. Connect with any type of Data or Wi-Fi connection this App will won’t let you down at any point.

Thanks for reading this guide about UC browser For BlackBerry OS, make sure you post your feedback and share this guide with your friends online.